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The Refugee and Immigrant  Well-being Project (RIWP) is an annual, 9-month long program pairing undergraduate students from the University of New Mexico(UNM) with refugee and immigrant families in the mobilization of community resources and mutual learning.

“I used to be stressed most of the time. Since I started the program, I met with new people. They encouraged me. They gave me hope. They made me comfortable. Then, instead of thinking about these negative things, then I just changed, switched to positive behaviors.” - A Congolese man

Refugees and immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi,Mexico,and Central and South America. both learn from and teach UNM students in the promotion of their well-being.

Health and Social Inequalities: Community Research and Action with Refugees is a two-semester class, cross-listed Soc 346/Anth 340/Psy 450

  • Make a real difference in the lives of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Central Africa who have been resettled in Albuquerque
  • Gain valuable experience working as an advocate with community members, non-profits, and service providers
  • Excellent cultural exchange and cross-cultural communication experiences
“I feel very lonely here because personally I’m a very social person and always have people around, but now here I feel there is no one to talk to. So I really always was excited about the Tuesdays [Learning Circles], and I was like counting the minutes when [student] could come.” -  An Afghan woman