IWP History

dsc_1048-1.jpgThe History of IWP


The IWP was founded in 2018 and it was modeled after the RWP. After a cautious start regarding refugee and immigrant integration during LCs the first year, in the second year each LC group consisted of refugees and Spanish-speaking immigrants (e.g. one LC group of Dari and Arabic-speakers and Spanish-speakers; the second group of Kinyarwanda- and Kiswahili speakers and Spanish-speakers); community organization members/leaders became facilitators during LCs; and in support of a youth development focus promoted by our CAC, we began to develop a focus on youth development, including college or career preparedness and scholarship attainment. 

  • From (2018) to (2019) LC only included immigrant families and their UNM students
  • From (2019) to (2020) LC was mixed with RWP and IWP families along with their respective UNM students. *The LC was moved online starting in March 2020 due to the coronavirus. 
  • From (2020) to (2021) LC was held online in smaller groups while still including RWP families. The smaller groups rotated every week to meet the other groups.